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[ Recycling ]
We reduce the amount of mattress and sofas going into landfill and supply alternative reuse method. Our service will provide environmental benefits and also a cost effective solution to these bulky items
[ WEEE Collections ]
AAT Recycling have over 15 years experience in the IT industry, we are able to identify which items are suitable for our refurbishment and reuse program. We are also fully aware of the importance of the secure disposal of all data stored in whatever format.
[ Environment Friendly ]
AAT Recycling work towards a greener tommorow. We fully utilise all materials we recover from our recycle and reuse program.We regularly autit ourselves to ensure our recycling goals are being met.
[ Together ]
We are all in theis together. The more we recycle the better our tomorrow will look.

Mattress Recycling

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Mattress Recycling
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AAT Recycling will provide innovative thought and practise in the recovery of recyclable matirials, making use of all the elements that we can recover. AAT recycling identify second use markets for recovered materials from incomming waste streams, giving us a clear plan of action from the start of the process to the very end.

One Mattress takes Ten years to decompose!

AAT Recycling are committed to increasing the percentage of materials recovered reducing the amount of waste being landfilled. We also aim to raising awareness of the benefits of using matirials and fibers that have been recovered.

We can recycle one mattress minutes!

Mattress Recycling Telford

WEEE Recycling

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WEEE Recycling
What We Do
We keep this process is quite simple.
Any equipment that is repairable is repaired or refurbished by competent engineers.
Re Use
Once items are refurbished or repaired,a percentage of certian items are allocated for local community groups and charities.
We remove all componats from the items that are un-repairable into their individual elements e.g plastics,glass,pcb boards and cables.These are recycled through our partners manufacting processes
All Data stored on any device in any format will be Destroyed and not recoverable. we take your confidentiality seriously.
[ Our Strategy ]
The Process and benefits
Please read section 3 on how your collection can help your charity.
  • 1
    Identify the items elements
    We will decide if the item can ber reused , if this is not possible then we will look into other avenues of usage.
  • 2
    Refurbish & Salvage
    If the item fits our reuse programme we refurbish the items, replacing any components from new or previously salvaged items.
  • 3
    Recycled and Reused
    A percentage of items that have gone through our reuse program are available for charity's if we collect off your company and you support a local charity we can make arrangement's for this to benefit them. Ask us for more information.
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Our History

From a very humble background AAT Recycling was raised from the ground based on identifying problematic areas of the recycling process. With many hours researching these issues AAT Recycling made good progress speaking to councils & contractors and many people who deal within this sector.

All of which became clear that bulky items are an issue and most if it goes to landfill.

From our findings we decided to deal with specific items Mattresses, Bed Sofas and chairs .

The future is to reuse more and waste less
Finding a second use for a whole item can be tricky ... not for us our innovative thinking and methods we belive everything can be re-used
The Facts Mattresses in landfill
From one county alone.
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